LG will also contribute in manufacturing camera modules for the iPhone 7 family because of the short supply from Sony. All the variants of iPhone 7 will feature optical image stabilization.

As the day of iPhone 7 launch is nearing, the rumor mill is also starting to catch more speed in releasing leaks and reports about the next family of iPhones, iPhone 7. There have been rumors that iPhone 7 Plus/Pro will feature a dual camera engaged with OIS at its back and the regular iPhone 7 will feature a single lens traditional camera without OIS.

 However, according to the latest reports according to the Normura Securities analyst Christ Chang claims that both the iPhone 7 variants will feature optical image stabilizations (OIS). OIS will result in better quality photos and videos, especially in the case of low light photography and video capture.

Another rumor about the camera of the next iPhones is that Sony has failed to provide the sufficient number of camera modules for the iPhone 7 family so Apple has indeed made a deal with LG for the solution. Now, LG and Sony will be joining hands to manufacture the camera lens for both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to meet the requirement.

Though the three big ventures (Apple, Sony, and LG) must assure that all the lens must be of the same quality as camera quality is one of the biggest measures because of which people like the expensive device (Yes, yes obviously; the other being the “because it’s an iPhone”).

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