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Do your startup needs IT Solution Partner?

We at AltumCore Technologies are dedicated to produce impressive results. AltumCore Technologies is a team of passionate individuals who live and breathe web technologies. With our extensive experience and ability to deliver, we believe we have more than what it takes to produce quality web based products and services. Delivering innovative and feature rich web designs is our passion. With our keen attention to detail, we can apply our creative ideas to your business needs to deliver your objectives. Showcasing your online presence in a professional sense is a win-win situation. We are committed to quality but to remaining affordable. Our competitive costs will always get the best out of our design and development team. Quality remains our focus. Increased customer satisfaction is what we always strive for. Our commitment is to work tirelessly to keep our customers happy. Our excellent customer retention rate is a perfect example of our commitment.

Our Key expertise:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Web Site Design & Development
  • PSD to WordPress/Joomla
  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development,
  • PayPal
  • Website Maintenance & Monitoring

We have team of designers and Developers who are well versatile and experienced enough to handle any project. Because each one of the member has minimum 4-5 years experience which matters.   So let’s give us a chance to prove our words because our motive is to provide quality work with specific time frame.

Quality work needs time and money but more importantly if someone is not delivering quality work then it will take you to that limit which makes someone trust broken So we are here for Long-Term-Business Relationship and we are in this field from the last 5 years so we know what clients expects from our side.

So will be waiting for your positive response as we are always forward looking towards your project and ready to start the work right away.


AltumCore Technologies

Benefits of having Health Care Apps in your smart phone

Healthcare industry is seeing a revolution with quick accessibility to thousands of efficient medical apps and health apps directly from the smart phones and tablets.In the not-so- distant past, patients had only one source for healthcare expertise —their personal physicians. They relied on doctors to monitor their symptoms, track changes in their health, manage their diseases and personalize their care. But in recent years, mobile technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) have changed all that Now, armed with wearable and mobile healthcare apps, individuals can monitor their own health data and get continuous guidance and information from the devices they carry with them every day.

Benefits of Health Care Applications

 An alternate solution to tackle the rising healthcare costs at hospitals

 More and more adoption can have high impact in the overall healthcare


 Improved Cloud computing technologies is giving more flexibility in the

functionality of Health Care apps

 Instant access to medical literature, medical records, patient information,

clinical practice, research facts, nursing tools, clinical support systems

 Convenient

 Improved medical attention to patients in remote areas too

 Improved decision making

 Enhanced doctor-patient communications


Mobile health is becoming a reality. The market is predicted to reach a significant size in the coming years. Health apps are developed with the potential to benefit both patient and doctors. There is a paradigm shift as this constitutes to cost savings too. Health Care applications are getting safer day-by- day. The impact in healthcare is huge. These apps are proving to have the power to transform medical practices today and in the near future. They are getting ethical and effective. So, go ahead and start using them. Save a visit to your doctor. Several doctors have started prescribing medical apps other than drugs and therapies. These frameworks offer positive experiences that are worth going through. They are going to be ifesavers. Integrated care is here to stay and grow.

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